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St. Louis, Missouri is the gateway to the West. St. Louis is located in eastern Missouri, along the west bank of the Mississippi River, downstream from where the river is joined by the Missouri. Today the city's most recognizable landmark is the stainless steel Gateway Arch erected at river's edge on the site where St. Louis was founded. It is the focal point of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Historic Site and commemorates the city's role as a major gateway to the West during the 19th century migrations. The rich heritage of St. Louis is reflected in the variety of its neighborhoods, distinguished by their ethnic, geographic, architectural, and historic characteristics. Though the city population is estimated at only 375,000, its rapidly growing metropolitan population now exceeds 2,600,000.

The city's deepwater port continues to impact on its economy which has expanded and diversified over the years to include such major industries as aerospace, finance, transportation, communications, construction, metals, chemicals, electronics, food processing, and health and business services. St. Louis ranks sixth among all cities in the number of Fortune 500 Companies who have chosen the city for its corporate headquarters. Some of the prominent corporate names are Anheuser-Bush, Emerson Electric, Boeing, Monsanto, Ralston Purina, and TWA. The area is one of the nation's most important rail and trucking centers, served by a major deepwater port, modern interstate highways, seven bridges that span the Mississippi, and the International Airport.

Notable points of interest are The Old Courthouse where black civil rights were argued in the famous Dred Scott case; the Memorial Plaza, site of the city's major public buildings; the Aloe Plaza, location of magnificent fountains designed by the Swedish American sculptor Carl Milles; the Charles Lindbergh collection at the Missouri Historical Society; the Museum of Western Expansion; the Symphony and the Municipal Opera; Forest Park, home to the city's science center, art museum, history museum, flower shows, and zoo; The American Theater; Center of Contemporary Arts; Goldenrod Showboat; Kramer Marionette Theater; the Scott Joplin House;' Daniel's Boone's childhood home; the Sheldon Concert Hall; Busch Memorial' Stadium, home of the Cardinals major league baseball team; Kiel' Center, home to the Blues NHL hockey team; Trans World Dome, home of the Rams NFL football team.

The area was occupied originally by the Mound Builders who built their earthwork mounds on the city site. They were succeed by the Missouri and Osage peoples. In 1764, a trading post was established on the site by French fur traders because it was near the Missouri River but protected from flooding. The settlement was named for Louis IX of France.


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