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Even before the Duke of York had ousted the Dutch magistrates from his new province he granted the lower part of it, from the Hudson to the Delaware, to two of his friends, who were also members of the Carolina board of proprietors, Lord Berkeley, brother of the irritable governor of Virginia, and Sir George Carteret, formerly governor of the island of Jersey in the English Channel. In honor of Carteret the region was named New Jersey (June, 1664).

The proprietors of New Jersey immediately published concessions” for their colony,—a liberal constitution granting full religious liberty and a popular assembly with control of taxation. In 1674 the proprietors divided their province into East and West Jersey, and from that date to the end of the century the Jerseys had a turbulent history, despite the fact that both parts of the colony, after various transfers of proprietorship, came under the control of the peace-loving sect of Friends, or Quakers.’

New Jersey was put under the royal governor of New York in 1702 and separated again in 1738. There were constant quarrels between proprietors and governors, between governors and legislatures, until New Jersey revolted, with the rest of the American colonies, from the rule of Great Britain.


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