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From a small trading post, with a population of some 400 people, to the nationís seventh largest city, Dallas is today the major center of finance, commerce, trade, and distribution in the southwestern United States. Not only is it the nationís fifth largest industrial market, Dallas is one of the nationís leading fashion centers and the worldís largest wholesale merchandising mart. Equally important to its diversified economy are the cityís many service industries. And it is the corporate headquarters of some 7,000 businesses, including leading insurance and oil companies.

Dallas is located on a rolling prairie in north central Texas at the Trinity River. City population is estimated at more than 1,080,000, and Greater Dallas population is now more than 3,600,000. The area is served by two major airports, six railroads, and a extensive highway/freeway system. Downtown Dallas is noted for its contemporary skyscraper architecture, which includes the 50-story Reunion Tower. Other points of interest are the West End Historic District; the art deco district of Fair Park, a national Historical Landmark; Dallas Zoo; and the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Fair Park is also home to the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the African American Museum, and the site of the Cotton Bowl stadium.Sports fans can feast on the cityís major league teams in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and polo. Thereís more than enough room for recreation in the regionís 50,000 acres of public parks and 500,000 miles of bike routes.

The area is known worldwide for its medical and educational facilities. In Greater Dallas there are 42 colleges and universities with an enrollment of 200,000. There are 60 hospitals, nearly 6,000 physicians practicing more than 70 specialties. The Dallas area was occupied by native Americans when French traders arrived in the 1700s. In 1841 the settlers attracted by the promotion of John Neely Bryanís trading post established a town, which was incorporated in 1865, just five years before Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy. One year after Texas was readmitted to the Union, we were incorporated as a city. Significant growth began with the arrival of the railroads and Dallas became a regional transport center for products shipped to the northeastern U.S. The economic boom followed the Great Depression with the discovery of oil. Fifty years later, when decline in oil prices forced this city to diversify its economic base, it emerged as the nationís number one city in attracting new companies and plants, and second in the creation of new jobs.


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